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Fish4all is a recreational fishing reporting application (App) designed for your smartphone to capture better information on recreational fishing activity. Designed for and by the recreational sector, it is a powerful tool that will enable recreational representatives to be better informed on total recreational effort and better armed with information to participate in fisheries management and allocation forums.


Traditionally recreational catch and effort levels have been determined as a result of Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) periodic phone, boat ramp and aerial surveys (the latter method counting the number of boats on the water multiplied by an estimated catch per boat). The App will provide data on a real time basis to contribute to the catch and effort data above.  

How this app works is that, each time a user logs in their catch, the data is stored in a central database. All this information held in the database is owned by the recreational sector and reported or released as and when required to strengthen recreational rights and better inform fisheries management decisions.


Additional benefits, There are three core additional benefits of the App



(1) the App is free



(2) the App's ability to push notify users about special deals Fish4all will negotiate on users behalf, and



(3) the ability to fund recreational interest work simply by recreational fishers taking up the special deals.

About Fish4all


Fish4all Limited is a social enterprise – we design, develop and maintain the App and we hold the intellectual property (IP) for the App.

Fish4all Charitable Trust is a charity set up to provide the recreational sector with a formal entity with appropriate legal and governance frameworks.

Fish4all Limited provides the Fish4all Charitable Trust with exclusive use of the App in NZ, access to and ownership of the catch and effort data collected. Ongoing maintenance of the App and database will be delivered by Fish4all Limited under contract.


Fish4all Limited shareholders will seek to recover their return on investment through taking a small percentage of commercial revenue generated from the App.


Commercial revenue can be raised by way of;

  • Sponsorship

  • Member discount vouchers

  • Competitions


So … if the Fish4all Charitable Trust doesn’t receive money from commercial revenue then Fish4all Limited doesn’t get any money either.  We are not sure we can be fairer than that.

What is not included within the small percentage retained by Fish4all Limited are

  • Donations

  • Govt Grants


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