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Fish4all FAQ


Do I need to sign up to use the App?

Yes. At the sign up stage, users will be asked information on gender, ethnicity, age and e-mail address. Users will also be asked their fishing region, species and fishing method, which will become their default setting to make it easier every time the user needs to log a catch (defaults can be altered). While individual privacy is protected, for the sector the App will provide important information on demographics, catches, fishing methods, and overall catch per unit of time stats by region.


How much does it cost?

Zero! Nada! It’s free!

What type of fishing can the app be used for?

The app has been built for either marine or freshwater fishing. The methods of fishing currently available on the app are off a boat, off the shore, diving and by hand. Get in touch if you would like to add more hrough our Facebook page or the website (

What if I caught a fish species that isn’t listed?

We’ve only used the top rec fishing species per the MPI’s popular recreational fishing fish list. But we are looking to add other species over time, so send in your suggestions either through our Facebook page or the website (


How is recreational fishing data currently collected?

Traditionally recreational catch and effort levels have been determined through Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) periodic phone, boat ramp and aerial surveys. These methods only provide a snapshot of what’s happening within recreational fisheries.


The Fish4all team believes technology advancements combined with increased smartphone use means the previously impossible is now possible. The Fish4all App will gather data that can enhance the current information on where and how recreational fishing is occurring.


What are the benefits of the app?

For individual fishers there are three main benefits to the app: 1) It serves as a personal fishing diary and offers a way for fishers to compare their catch with others in their region and the North Island and South Island. 2) Fishers can take photos and brag to their mates. 3) By using the app fishers can help raise funds for the sector by simply taking advantage of special discounts, competitions and deals that will only be available to App users (users who don’t want to be notified can opt out). While the App is a fun way to gather information it’s also a way of contributing to the sustainability of our fish stocks. The app is the brainchild of recreational fishers Tony Craig and John Murphy who recognise that recreational fishing trends are not well understood in New Zealand (a common problem worldwide).


Will fisher information be protected?

To maintain privacy for those who use the App, email addresses and “handles” are required to register. We also require information such as gender, ethnicity and age group, however, this is used to provide demographic information on recreational fishing in New Zealand. The email addresses will be used to send you updates from Fish4all and discount vouchers negotiated by Fish4all on behalf of all rec fishers for you to take advantage of. 


Who owns the data?

Your data is stored in a central database owned by the appointed recreational fishing entity who will lease the App and its database from Fish4all. Collective data is used to provide information on the recreational fishing sector’s catch. While individual privacy is protected, for the sector the App will provide important information on catches, fishing methods, and time spent fishing by region. It will also provide demographics in terms of age, sex and ethnicity. This reported information can be sliced and diced by the recreational sector to better understand recreational interest in shared fisheries and can be used as and when desired by the sector (not anyone else) to inform fisheries management decisions. The data will be held in a database that will be owned and controlled by the recreational sector.


What is the Fish4all recreational fishing trust?

The Fish4all recreational fishing trust is being established to maintain the governance of the Fish4all app. Trustees are currently being sought for the trust and will reflect interests from across the recreational fishing sector. Trustees will be responsible for ensuring the data collected from the Fish4all App is used to strengthen recreational rights and better inform fisheries management decisions. Trustees will determine how and when that data should be reported and released.  If you would like to know more about the trust, please contact us on


Is the App available in my language?

The App is currently in Te Reo, Mandarin, Hindi and Tagalog. It has been a great community effort with people helping us to translate and proof read. Anyone keen to help us translate the App into your language is encouraged to get in contact with us on . The more people we have using the App the greater the pool of information we can collect!


Is the App usable in other countries (aside from NZ)?

The app is currently only available for NZ regions and fish species. However, it is designed in such a way that our developers can easily change the regions and species to cater for any country or specific areas.


Will the App run on my computer?

Fish4All is available for Android and iPhone only at this time.


Can I use the App on my tablet?

Yes. Fish4all is designed for phones, but it will run on your tablet.




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