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When we first released the Fish4all App, we asked that you give us your feedback, how the App is working for you or if there is anything we can do to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Your response was simply amazing! Best be assured that we have taken many of your suggestions onboard, and our development team will be working to incorporate them. In the meantime, keep using the App and keep sending in your valuable feedback. 


We heard you!

Unless I'm blind I don't see have Sea cod.......but grand daddy haupuka is the eastern red scorpionfish, grandfather hapuku, New Zealand scorpionfish, or New Zealand red rock cod, Scorpaena cardinalis, is a scorpionfish of the family Scorpaenidae, found in New Zealand and southern Australia.

You seem to have a bug in the app where the side menu continually overrides the screen and I have to swipe it out of the way or restart.  Samsung S3. 


Also you do not have species like sharks, conger eels etc in the app.

What about adding sharks to the log? Such as rig and grey boy? 

I've downloaded the app and caught and released a test Kahawhai. Seems to work ok, but did have a bit of difficulty with my wifi taking too long to download some pages. Wee penguin got tired of waiting and I got a page of gobbledygook and had to reload a few times before the pages downloaded. Poss my wifi as opposed to the app?

Does the job now tho, all working.

My interest is trout fishing for both Brown and Rainbow trout. I do keep a paper log of my fishing but often I am lazy and do not bother, an App like this would be of great value.

Hi, I just tried to report a blue cod catch but it linked to someone else's photo and then did not show up in my Catch Log. Also, I fish in multiple regions such as Otago and Southland, but also when on holiday in the North Island. The app seems to tag the user as being from a region, rather than the fish, so if I fill in the report while on holiday it will record it as being from Otago. I also mostly fish off rocks, so wouldn't call it surf casting, but there isn't a rock fishing option. The comment above regarding location also applies to method (ie. when on holiday I would normally be on a boat, but at home normally from the shore). It would be more accurate to tag location and method to the fish rather than the fisher. Nice interface with the app, hope it takes off. Cheers.

Definitely need to include freshwater options (fly, spin etc) in how I fish section, as well as inland locations (without getting too specific about our spots! ;D ) in the where I fish section. 

Great idea and great looking app.

Tino pai

Rig should be added to list 

I dive from boat and shore, but I can only choose boat fishing or diving.  You could get an indication of local populations from the idea that people catch less crayfish from shore while boat is sustained.  That would be a similar indicator to wellington scallops where you have to go further, dive deeper and longer to get the same scallops you would have gotten in 5m 6-7 years ago.


Im still keen to see some more species up too.

Hi- 2 suggestions:-

It would be good to have a section to add notes about the fishing trip I.e. how many people were fishing, lots of small fish etc.

I do not seem to be able to edit a mistake that I realise after saving, that was made to the number of fish caught.

Apart from these issues I find it a great app, and have sent to my fishing mates.

Keep up the good work.


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