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My catch log allows you to see your catch log day by day statistics compares monthly and annual data for:


Current Month

  • Your top three species caught for the month

  • Top three species caught in your region for the month


Current Year

  • Your three most caught species for the year

  • Top three fish species caught in your region for the year

  • Top six North Island species caught

  • Top six South Island species caught

How to Use the App

Set Your Preferences

When registering, the app allows you to pre set all your normal fishing settings such as where you catch, how you catch  and what species you catch the most. 


So every time you go fishing, logging catch is as simple as keying in how many you've kept or released (both legal and sub-legal) of each species.

Log Your Catch

The App always opens at default settings for you.  So current time and date are automatically set but you can edit these to suit your circumstances. The same applies for region caught if you have shifted to another region. When you select species, your favourites are always at the top and you are simply asked to record what you have kept and what you put back (legal and sub-legal). 


Tip - Your pre-set species will always be on the top of the list so simply slide your thumb up the screen to see more species. 

Brag about Your Catch to Your Mates!

Share pictures with friends and family. Key in details such as weight, length and type of lure used. Take a snapshot while at sea and make them envious while they are at home or work! All the pictures will be stored on the App for later bragging rights.


Click on the phone's screen to view a slide show of pictures here and below!

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