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Our Story

It all started in 2013.......

Over a game of golf between two good mates Tony Craig and John Murphy. “We have seen technology evolve over our lifetime ..... what can we invent that is not out there?”

Light bulb moment!

Can we create an App that will be the fisherman’s best mate? 

Diary, catch info, photos and also contribute to the sustainability of the fishery. (See having been part of the fishing sector in business and sustainability management, Tony is well aware of the problems the rec sector face here and world wide.)

Two skill sets coming together

John is a Project Manager with over 30 years of experience working in the IT sector. He has always had an interest in ornithology and the sustainability of our environment. Tony is a keen rec fisher and has been working within the fishing sector in business and sustainability management for  over 30 years. Tony's grandkids are often an inspiration for him to build the App as a fisher's best mate so they too can enjoy fishing in the future as well.


Together,  they identified the need for a Recreational Fishing App for New Zealand with the goal to go global!

2014 Protoyping........

We engaged an IT company to develop a prototype and piloted the App. The main goal was to get feedback and we listened to them and implemented some new changes.


Tony’s assistant, Karen helps by providing support to the team with admin, accounts, marketing, social media and the design of the website as well as testing the App before we put it out live for download. 

2016 Who will listen?

Katherine, Tony’s business partner from Terra Moana (a sustainability consultancy focusing on natural capital) joined the team and invested in Fish4all. With her “never say no” approach we began to grow the Fish4all network.

Fish4all was really a major attraction for Katherine in creating Terra Moana with Tony because Tony had really carefully thought about how it could generate revenue for the sector. She has even recently bought a fishing kayak, although not caught anything yet!

2017 We need help!

It was getting obvious that we needed our own In-House developers to keep improving the App and develop all the new features. Karen asked her IT flatmates if they knew any App developers ... turns out that's what they do and they are now our answer to all things App development.

Carson and Simon now work on Fish4all in their free time! It also helps that they grew up fishing in the beautiful waters of NZ.

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