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Help us build a dataset of fish photos!

Calling all our little Sammy fans - primary, intermediate and secondary! Fish4all together with SeaWeek is hosting a photo competition. The winner gets a sustainable seafood BBQ cooked for your whole class!

Fish4all is building a fish identification feature, so users can easily identify & measure the fish, & therefore put back or keep any fish according to the NZ fishing rules.

Fish4all needs your help to build this feature!

We require a huge dataset of fish photos to analyse. The photos will be used to create the classification model, so the more photos we have the more accurate it is!


This year, Fish4all together with Sea Week is running an exciting photo competition to help build the fish identification feature and at the same time:

  1. Promote the use of the Fish4all Recreational Fishing App.

  2. Raise awareness about shared sustainable fisheries and how data supports management.

  3. Promote the use of technology to simplify the data collecting process.

Submit your photos to by Sunday, 5pm, 10th March 2019. Queries welcome to the same email. The competition is open to all primary, intermediate and secondary school students in New Zealand.

Photos criteria
  1. Submit photos of any fish caught in NZ.

  2. Submit photos of different species of fish.

  3. Submit photos of the same species of fish.

  4. Don’t submit multiple photos of the same fish.

  5. Photos of fish can include other background (i.e hanging of the rod, people holding it etc)

  6. Each photo must not be larger than 15MB

The Fish4all team will assign points to each photo based on the following point system:

Snapper, Kahawai, Tarakihi, Bluecod, Spotties, Crayfish, Paua - 5

Gurnard, Tuna, Kingfish, Pilchard, Shark - 10

Butterfish, Groper, Sea Perch, John Dory, Flatfish - 15

Mackerel, Leather Jacket, Bluenose - 20

Others - 25



1st prize: A sustainable seafood BBQ cooked for the whole class, at the school at a mutually agreed time.

2nd prize: Bodyglove prize pack, Fish4all branded hat and Sammy plush toy.

3rd prize: Bodyglove prize pack, Fish4all branded hat and Sammy plush toy.

Sea Week

Seaweek is New Zealand’s annual national week about the sea. Hosted by the NZ Association for Environmental Education (NZAEE), Seaweek focuses on learning from the sea. It’s about exciting and inspiring all New Zealanders to renew their connections with the sea! Not just for children or those involved with formal education – it’s a time for all of us to get to know our ocean, its habitats, characteristics and inhabitants better.

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