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Fish4all Charitable Trust

The Fish4all Charitable Trust is a charity set up to provide the recreational sector with a formal entity with appropriate legal and governance frameworks. ​Fish4all Limited provides the Fish4all Charitable Trust with exclusive use of the App in NZ, access to and ownership of the catch and effort data collected.

Chris Falconer

Chris is a keen recreational fisherman and Waikato environmental champion dairy farmer who wants to use the App to ensure the fishery is managed for all. 


Chris strongly believes in the work and benefit Fish4all can have for the recreational fishing sector.


He is passionate about the role Fish4all is envisioned to play in contributing to the  sustainable management of our ocean.

Colin Holden

Colin works in the Geothermal power industry in Taupo and the surrounding districts and describes his main passion as fishing, although he suggests it’s the total love of outdoors that drives him.


It doesn’t matter if he is spinning for trout off the local hydro dams or trolling out wide for marlin he enjoys all types of fishing.


He is excited to be a part of the start of this new trust and looks forward to contributing to the recreational fishing sector and the sustainable management of New Zealand's shared fishery.

John Murphy & Tony Craig

The initial trust was set up under Tony Craig and his wife, and John Murphy as a placeholder for other Trustees to be appointed. Over time, the intention is for Tony to remain as a Trustee and the Trust will be populated by representatives of the recreational sector. Tony's grandkids are often an inspiration for him to build the App and ensure the fishery is well managed so they too can enjoy fishing in the future .


We are now proud to say we have welcomed two new trustees on board (Chris and Colin above) and we continue to search for more. If you are interested please get in contact!

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